May 22, 2023

EP 426: This is Not Advice: It's Our World, AI Just "Lives" In It

EP 426: This is Not Advice: It's Our World, AI Just
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What are we really talking about when we talk about our hopes and fears about AI?

It's us. We're the problem.

Actually, we're not the problem—we're more like the solution. But that's less mimetic.

Sure, this is yet another pod hitting your feed with a take on AI. I'll assure you, though: this episode isn't really AI. There's no fear-mongering or cute suggestions for prompts. It's a bit of a meditation on the very human parts of our relationship with technology. And it's probably one of the most hopeful pieces I've put together in a few years!

Anyhow, today's episode is the second edition of This is Not Advice, a "not advice" column for paying subscribers of What Works. This is the final public edition, so if you'd like to keep getting a dose of "not advice" from me every other week, plus submit your own topics and questions, and support independent analysis of the future of work, business, and leadership, go and chip in just $7/month.

I'm also hosting a workshop on May 31 for paying subscribers called Tending Your Media Ecosystem. I'll share how what I read, watch, and listen to becomes what I write, produce, and post.


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