Jan. 3, 2023

EP 407: How To Feel Good About Going Slow

EP 407: How To Feel Good About Going Slow

Can we unlearn urgency and learn to enjoy patience?

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Well, it’s the first week of January. And whether you’re back to work or eking out a few more hours of unstructured liminal time, the arrival of New Year energy is imminent. You know what I mean by New Year energy—it’s that annual infusion of urgency, striving, and discipline that comes crashing down on our post-holiday mellowness. And if we’re not paying attention, that New Year energy will sweep us out to sea.


What if this year, we embraced patience? 


In this piece, I share how baking has helped me feel good about going slow and why that’s crucial to the way I work.




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Today’s episode is an edited and updated version of a piece that was originally published in December 2021.

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