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Keeps Me Informed and Inspired

I love Tara's podcast. She doesn't goof around ad nauseum like some folks, but is still uber friendly and easy to listen to. Plus, the information she gleans from her guests is top notch and detailed. Just what I need to stay informed and inspired.

Tara has amazing presence!

I am all about personality and presence on a podcast. Tara is a total natural. It's like listening to a friend. I particularly loved the episode about her own book strategy. It's all practical action, she breaks it down into acheivable chunks!

Love everything that Tara produces

From her conference talks to this podcast, Tara is remarkable. This podcast is a must listen.

An eagle's eye view of real business

Tara has a knack for getting up above the stories and details and seeing the big picture and she totally delivers on that here. Not quite ready for her signature Quiet Power Strategy program where you'd dive into your own business? Learn the lessons from others here on the show as Tara brings her A game to their details.

Fresh podcast

I am a Tara Gentile and Creative Live fiend (to say the least). I’ve bought all of her CL courses and enjoy her Facebook Lives she’s starting to do now. This podcast is just another way to hear her brilliance as well as bring on fantastic guests. My favorite episodes are Kathleen Shannon and Nilofer Merchant. Loving it!

Tara is the real deal!

This is my favorite podcast - I wait for new ones to post! Tara knows her stuff and asks great questions so we can learn from other entrepreneurs. I am slowly gaining knowledge, and most importantly COURAGE, as I listen and follow her other work. I feel like I'll be able to avoid some mistakes by using what I'm learning.

Great conversational style for interviews

Listened to a double dose of engaging episodes tonight with Pam Slim and Nilofer Merchant.

Cannot wait for each podcast

Every week I am looking forward to the next new podcast on Profit. Power. Pursuit. I just love it. It gives me so much to think about all week long as I build my business and become more profitable. Tara Gentile asks the best questions - straight on - so that we, the listeners, can learn the most about how we can become Profitable. Powerful. (while we…) Pursue our Passions. Kudos to Tara Gentile and Creative Live!

On point 👌🏻

Tara is a brilliant interviewer and entrepreneur herself; the show is excellently produced and easy to listen to; and the guests are all fascinating and come from all across the board in the world of entrepreneurship. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻If you're interested in small business, run one yourself, want to run one someday, or just want to hear from interesting, successful people who have carved out awesome businesses in today's fast-paced world, subscribe now.

Surprisingly hands-on

I love this podcast. And I listen to a LOT of podcasts. What I love about Tara is that she's not just chatting casually to smart business owners. She's really digging at the truth, taking us behind the scenes in a way many people say they do, but few actually get right.

Great Listen

Tara’s business savvy, paired with her ability to ask thought-provoking and engaging questions are very refreshing. I definitely recommend this podcast for creative professionals and those looking to grow their entrepreneurial skill-set.


The podcasting space is so overcrowded these days in the business / creativity category, that it can be really hard to find a podcast that is great, and adds an original voice to the conversation. I LOVE THIS PODCAST, it really adds something different by taking a deep dive into the behind the scenes business structures of many creative professionals, along with discussions of their stories and ideas. I find this blend of philosophical + the nuts and bolts insight into how the business * actually runs* to be really helpful. Thank you all at PPP for dealing with all you have to deal with in your lives to put this product out there! Elisheva Schwartz

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Tara interviews the women I want to hear from and asks the questions I would. No fluff. All business. Tangible takeaways from each episode. I can't get enough!

So valuable for creatives

Excellent guests. No-nonsense topics. Great questions. All creatives should listen to this for extra motivation and thought provoking issues affecting our field.


Tara Gentile is a total pro at the art of the interview conversation. Her questions and focus bring a lot of insight into the business and creative lives of her guests. I’m excited to hear more episodes! I hope they come out soon.

Questions You Want Answered!

I listened to one episode then got hooked and listened to them all. Tara asks the questions you really want answered from these industry leaders. The episodes are easy to listen to and I end every one with new found knowledge and insights. This is worth your time!

A Gem

I am in the midst of binge listening to all of these podcasts. Tara is an excellent host who obviously has a passion for creativity and delivering valuable content. I am getting an enormous amount of information from these podcasts. Thank you, Emily at Rainbobo

My head is exploding with happiness!

As if Tara Gentile didn’t offer enough amazing training and resources and inspiration for entrepreneurs already… as if CreativeLive didn’t provide enough FREE value for creative professionals, artists and business owners… as if the featured guests didn’t make me have a head full of ah-ha moments already! My heart is full of gratitude for this podcast.

Gain focus on the vital few

I have been listening to this podcast since the first episode. I've been following Tara for about 6 months and I enjoy the focus she instills in me. To focus on the important things in business and not get lost in the noise. A must listen!

A MUST podcast for entrepreneurs

Amazing people, great questions. I love the scope of the podcast, the curiosity that drives it. Tara does not stop till she gets to the heart of the matter, what it takes and how it is done. I plan not to miss even one episode!

Powerful Information

Tara Gentile is a powerhouse when it comes to authentic marketing. Love this podcast and the value you provide. Thank you!

Tara Gentile asks great questions!

Tara Gentile asks great questions on this podcast and, similarly to her CreativeLive courses, she’s very easy to listen to and learn from. I’m excited to continue listening to this. I also love the theme music! Makes me want to take on the entrepreneurial world!

The real deal.

What I love most about Tara Gentile isn't just all the marketing tactics or strategy to help grow or maintain my biz. I mean, I love those, but that's not what keeps me coming back for more, or why I think she is so special. What I'm really love is the mindset shifts and new perspectives that challenge me and my way of thinking to open me up to the new possibilities of ideas, actions, and results I never would have considered before to best ultimately serve my audience and clients. She forces me to get specific with what I really want, how to make make the most impact, and to take bold action. In short, I’m LOVING this podcast, and it’s a bright spot in my day!

Finding Pattern in Success

I have already listened to all of Tara’s episodes and all I can say is that I am so darn inspired. What makes these podcasts so great is Tara digging in and noticing the patterns that make entrepreneurs successful, regardless of industry. I have watched Tara Gentile on CreativeLive and she has the talent, insight, and experience to teach, guide, and inspire the next batch of entrepreneurs.

Awesome Interviewer!

This podcast is SO worth listening to. I love peering into the backgrounds of all these business people. Tara Gentile has a fantastic way of asking just the right questions. I can’t wait for more episodes.