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Insightful, refreshing, honest

One of the things that I love the most about Tara and her guests is how they're not afraid to go deep and analyze what's working and what didn't work in their lives and businesses. I think the questions and different from every other interview podcast out there, and they take a different angle that makes this a must!

Very helpful and inspiring!

Thank you Tara for creating such a helpful and inspiring show- definitely worth listening to!

Fantastic podcast

I've been listening to this podcast off and on for the last year or so, and I think it just keeps getting better. I really look forward to the new episodes every week. Highly recommended !

Tara asks real questions

I appreciate that she is so specific and chases down general statements to get at the real way things happen. I definitely feel like Tara is guiding the interview to the benefit of her listeners.

Great Podcast

This is becoming a staple in my playlist. If you want to learn about entrepreneurship and creative ways to make money, subscribe now. Loved your interview with author JF Penn!

A must for creative entrepreneurs

The New Economy is still new enough that we are all learning as we go, and this podcast is like listening in on a friend's conversation with others who have done what we are setting out to do. Golden nuggets in every episode. Learn from those who are making their livings online successfully.

Tara keeps my entrepreneurial heart afloat

I watched Tara's Creative Live class Build a Stand-out Business just as I was starting my business. I found whenever I was losing steam, her input would get me going again. Her podcast is a weekly reminder of her approach. Her guests have shared many tips I have also implemented & I really appreciate their time & wisdom. Thanks Tara & Creative Live!

I'm obsessed!

A friend introduced me to Tara and the podcast and I am now obsessed! I downloaded and listened to 6 episodes in one weekend. :) Not only can you tell that Tara really knows her stuff and loves helping others with their businesses, it is just so interesting to hear about what other people are doing inside their businesses and struggles or things they have overcome and been challenged with! So far some of the ones that have really resonated with me are the Brass Clothing, Beryl Ann Young episde about the evolution of a person and a business, the Emily McDowell episode about her venture into card designs and branding, the Ambition Ally/Nathalie Lussier episode, and Joanna Wiebe and Airstory! So far love them all and will continue to listen to anything Tara dishes out. :)

Great New Discovery!

I just found this podcast and love it! I love that the tips are things I can put into practice in my business right away and I feel like I share common struggles with the interviewer and her guests so it helps me not feel alone in the world of business ownership. Thanks for the great work and please keep it coming!

Excellent Interviewer

Tara Gentile is one of my favorite interviewers! She asks good questions, listens carefully and never interrupts! Her guests are also good speakers and very professional. Even if the material isn't suited to me, I'm always inspired. This fluff-free podcasts is in my top 3!


I learn something helpful every episode. Love the variety of guests and deep dive questions. Thank you, Tara and team.

Great inspiration

I always find something in each episode. Working from home on my own can get lonely at times but listening to Tara interview her guest just brightens my day. An added bonus is coming away with an idea that I can apply to my own business.

I'm waiting every week for a new episode!

I'm waiting every week for a new episode with Tara! I highly recommend this podcast to everyone who's a creative entrepreneur! I learn something new each episode (plus: Tara is a super fun host!)

Life Changing

My favorite podcast. Tara's work is life-changing for people who are changing lives. That's some impact!

Great Guests and Great Questions

I absolutely love this podcast and look forward to when it comes out each week. Tara Gentile has such wonderful guests on the show who come from all walks of life. These guests all have one thing in common. They are driven and run their businesses in interesting and often novel ways. I love listening each week to not only hear from these guests but to also hear the insightful questions that Tara Gentile asks these guests. So many podcasts I feel don't ask interesting questions that really helps the listener better understand the guest and better understand their motivation and the processes they use in their business. Tara asks interesting, thought provoking and just darn good questions. Highly recommend this podcast!

Can't wait for the next one

I enjoy Tara's style and the tremendous clarity she provides for every topic covered. This is well worth subscribing for so you don't miss an episode.

Inspiring, educational, and so real

This podcast has so much going for it- Tara hosts unique guests from many of different fields, she asks them tough questions that really get at the core of how they approach and think about their work & their lives, and she's not afraid to dig in on how people make money and maximize profit with their businesses. There's so much practical advice here, and I always feel empowered to try something new or shift my thinking in a positive way after I listen to an episode. Thank you Tara!

Great tips

Listened to a great episode on how to build a team. Definitely subscribe worthy. Keep up the great shows!

AMAAAAAZING Podcast!! just sayin.

This is the first podcast I've ever reviewed. WHOOT. That is not to say that I don't listen to podcasts. Oh, I do. In fact, I've even reviewed podcasts on my own blog. They are one of my primary way of learning about business strategies. And yet... I have never been moved enough to rate them. I've been moved...just not enough. Until today. I am LOVING this podcast. Tara Gentile asks all of the questions that I WISH I could ask successful business folks. She is incredibly smart and right on the nose. I have walked away with so many actionable steps - some of which I've already started to put into play. Like - her chief initiative strategy in episode 47. I have listened to that sucker three times, recommended it to friends and am now using it to set up my business for the next 90 days. Totally stoked. TG is rockin' it. That is all.


I first learned about Tara from watching one of her courses on CreativeLive. I'm thirlled to find her podcast. She is so motivating, inspiring, and most importantly authentic!

Wonderful Podcast

Tara Gentile has some amazing advice and an inspiring outlook. This podcast is teaching me so much on how to grow my business.


This podcast shares some incredible insights into the industry. Tara is knowledgable, friendly, and entertaining! Always interesting to hear what she has to say in this engaging podcast!

Very Inspiring

I've only listened to about 5 of these so far, but have really enjoyed them all. The guests are all people that I recognize and look up to and hearing them talk about what they've overcome and how they've gotten to where they are is both interesting and makes you realize that it can be done. The guests are also mostly instrcutors on CreativeLive so I've actually watched a few of their classes after listening to the podcast.


I love her interview style! Her show is about business owners and how they profit from what they do best and is most important to them. It's real, it's interesting and Tara is so personable!

Real content, real people, real good

I work as a corporate consultant, so I while I knew Tara's podcast would be good, I wasn't all that sure that it would be relevant to my work. And the answer is - it isn't always 100% relevant, but it IS always interesting, and it's relevant often enough for me to keep listening. Tara's interview style keeps the conversation moving, and her direct-to-the-point questions elicit great answers from her interviewees - answers that open up new perspectives on how to run a business, how to stay focused, what to do when things seem to be going wrong - all the questions that any business owner faces, no matter what their market might be. Thanks to Tara and Creative Live for producing a small-business podcast that stands out in a crowded field!


Fascinating guests, focused interviews, and tons of inspiring, actionable content. As an entrepreneur, I especially enjoy listening to Tara on my way to work in the morning. It gets me fueled up and feeling fierce before I start the day!

Best business podcast out there!

This is, hands down, the best business podcast out there, especially for entrepreneurs! So much of content offered to entrepreneurs is scammy or sleazy or cheesy. Not this! Tara is super smart, asks great questions and keeps the conversation moving. I so look forward to every new episode!!


These are my FAVORITE podcasts. The questions Tara asks are always spot on -- and so many times the question that is right on the tip of my tongue Tara goes ahead and asks soon thereafter. Every single podcast has been incredibly helpful, motivating and inspiring! In fact, I won't allow myself the reward of listening to the newest episode until I work out or go for a long walk. A+++. I highly recommend this podcast. :)

Great Curiosity

I like this podcast not just for the content Tara shares, but for the way she encourages her guests to share. I love the curiosity that Tara brings to the show. She interviews in a style that feels more like listening in to a couple of friends catching up which provides information I can use to motivate, inspire or grow my creative self. -E

Hands down, one of my favorite podcasts.

I’ve been following Tara’s work for years, and watching her business and personal brand evolve has been incredible. She is full of brilliant insights, and she has a great way of drawing specific, useful information out of her guests in a way that not many other podcast hosts do. The quality of the guests on this show is also extremely high caliber. I took a road trip in February to Houston, a 5-hour drive each way, and listened to nothing but this podcast there and back. That should tell you something about how enjoyable and useful each of these episodes are.