Jan. 24, 2023

EP 410: The Economics of Work Relationships with Kate Strathmann

EP 410: The Economics of Work Relationships with Kate Strathmann

How can we avoid unintentional exploitation in our working relationships?

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Sure, you can build a business or independent career made for one. But once you start thinking about making a bigger impact or scaling up to serve more customers, you start thinking about hiring help. And that makes a lot of people nervous!

The idea that we might unintentionally create a toxic work environment or exploit the people we hire is enough to keep many from hiring help at all. While you might expect this subject to get more of a psychological or sociological treatment, economics has a lot to teach us about creating equitable relationships at work, too.

In this episode, Kate Strathmann joins me for a “conversation with no answers,” where we explore the possibilities of work relationships outside the traditional structures.


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