June 28, 2022

EP 388: Extra Context: Not Getting Paid

EP 388: Extra Context: Not Getting Paid

Can work be valuable even if you're not making money with it? What role do hobbies and personal pursuits have in our lives outside of work?

“You could make money with that!” That’s probably the first thing you hear when someone discovers you’re an excellent baker, or designer, or potter. Even if your hobby is collecting super hero figurines, someone has probably suggesting “monetizing” that interest. There is all sorts of historical, economic, and sociological context for this. But in this episode, I talk with someone who typifies not getting paid for what you love to do: my husband, Sean McMullin. You’ll hear how Sean’s extended family in Utah and Montana, as well as his time living in an Iñupiat village in rural Alaska, shaped how he thinks about work he doesn’t get paid for.


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